Yoga Day Retreat

If you would like to book for the full day including both halves of the day below; Back to Basics Yoga These 3 classes together will safely & effectively improve your health & wellbeing, while easing you back into your Yoga Practice at a level that will improve how you feel, without excessively taxing your body Re-Boot, Restore & Relax These 3 classes together will enhance your Yoga Practice, helping to bring your whole body back to a sense of balance & equilibrium. Limited spaces to ensure we can provide a safe environment for you to practice, with us following all current guidelines, so that you can relax and not have to worry. You are in safe hands.

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Yoga Day Retreat

Saturday 8th August at Swallow Park Glamping, Belton

Back to Basics Yoga - 11am-1:30pm

A ½ Day Retreat with Nathan & Zoe to help get you back into your Yoga practice.

· A 45 minute Guided Walk which includes work on technique, posture and mindfulness, while enjoying the surrounding area at this stunning venue.

· A 45 minute Total Beginners Yoga Class, which will introduce, or re-introduce you to the basics of Yoga, ensuring that your technique & form allow you to practice Yoga safely and with confidence.

· A 45 minute Restorative Yoga Class, in which we ask you to bring a cushion & blanket, so we can guide you through some very relaxing and soothing Restorative Yoga Poses, along with a rejuvenating


Re-Boot, Restore & Relax – 2pm- 4:30pm

A ½ Day Retreat with Zoe & Nathan to Improve your Wellbeing.

· 45 minute Gentle Yoga Class which will focus on slowly warming & mobilising your joints, gently encouraging easier movement throughout the whole body.

· 45 minute Easy Yoga Flow which will deepen the effects of the previous class and release tight muscles & restore the whole body by stretching the whole body to release stored toxins & tension

· 45 minute Relaxation Class, which will include easy breathing techniques, simple meditation and a lovely, long Yoga Nidra Relaxation, to enhance our immunity, calm our mind and balance our emotions.

£20 per ½ Day Retreat or £30 to attend both