Hannah Burrows
Level 2 Samballa Yoga Teacher

"Hi, I'm Hannah and I've been practising yoga for several years now, although it wasn't something I was initially drawn to. I've always been into sport and fitness and had tried yoga several times, but I never really "got it". I would have rather been running or jumping up and down in an exercise class! Skip to a few years later and my body was starting to feel tired. I was starting to suffer from injuries and niggles from long distance running and I needed to find some balance...cue YOGA! I tried a class again and this time I started to notice a difference in my body and also found that it helped to slow me down a bit. Aches and pains lessened and yoga actually assisted my running and other activities. 

I now can't imagine not practicing yoga, so when given the opportunity to undertake my teacher training in 2017, I jumped at it! Hopefully it has allowed me to share with others the same benefits and positive changes I have experienced. I enjoy mixing up my classes to incorporate different styles of yoga and am also interested in sports-focused yoga. I love teaching and hope I bring some relaxed, fun energy into my classes to make everybody feel welcome." 


Hannah x