Michael Holness
Level 1 Yoga Teacher

I’ve been fascinated by yoga for 25 years. As a younger man, I played sport (rugby, tennis, cricket athletics, weightlifting, swimming and a huge amount of recreational running), and over the years I picked up loads of bad habits, injuries and shortened muscles. I came to yoga to help with that – which it did, like magic – and stayed because it just feels fantastic. It’s therapeutic, and powerfully mind-altering… and legal! As they might say in ‘Friends’: What’s not to love?

I have travelled a bit both for fun and for work and I always find a yoga teacher wherever I go. I have picked up bits and pieces from around the world and from different schools of yoga (and especially from Nathan). I am excited to try and put it all together in a way that helps people find some of the benefits that I have experienced at the level they are at.