Sarah Williams
Level 4 Samballa Yoga Teacher

I have always enjoyed keeping fit and healthy, simply because it makes me feel good!  Having more than a passing interest in nutrition and exercise has meant that I have engaged in numerous different types of physical activity over the years and dabbled in the kitchen with many weird and, on occasion, wonderful results!  
Doing quite a bit of running lead me onto the path of yoga to try and enhance my running, reduce injuries and bring back some kind of balance in my body. I couldn’t believe the profound effect it had on my body both physically and mentally, it was unlike any other type of ‘exercise’ I had experienced, I was hooked! I spent years practising Ashtanga yoga and then through various workshops and classes practised many different styles of yoga, loving the different challenges and benefits each of them offers.
For me yoga shakes off the mechanised repetitive approach to exercise, it is inclusive, free flowing, expressive, playful and fun and adopts an organic exploration of the body and mind making it so much more than simply exercise, it’s holistic approach definitely resonates with me. This feeling is deeply reflected in the way I share yoga in my classes, with a breath focused practice and finding freedom within your own body without striving or forcing.
I have been fortunate to be taught by some exceptional teachers, helping to keep my yoga practice fresh and alive. Having an enquiring mind I love the way that yoga is ever changing and keeps teaching you something new, be it through studying and attending workshops, by enquiry into my own yoga practice or by my students, who never fail to inspire and motivate me.