This course is suitable for all Yoga Teachers, of any discipline, who wish to help their students get the most from their Yoga Practice. Throughout the course, we look at a variety of Yoga Asana, and how we can use the variety of props to either increase the intensity or help to correct and add support for more comfort.

  • Category: Yoga Teachers CPD Courses
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




This Training offers the opportunity to not only learn how to use Props for Yoga, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the Yoga Asanas themselves. In order to use Props effectively, we need to understand when and why they may be useful.

Some Teachers regard the use of Props as a distraction, when in fact they can be used as a tool to help direct the awareness inwards rather than spending time struggling to try and achieve a posture the body is not ready for.

We will cover a wide range of options to either increase the challenge in a Yoga Posture, or to support the Posture making it more comfortable, allowing deeper introspection. This can increase the adaptability of your Teaching, allowing you to reach a much larger audience of Yoga Practitioners.

This course is run partially online, with as much of the course material as possible to do at home provided, so that the contact time is spent putting it all together giving you a comprehensive theoretical and practical application of all the course material.

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