Astanga Yoga Immersion Month

This One Month Immersion is aimed at those with a reasonable level of general fitness, who want to take part in a more Dynamic style of Yoga which gives results rapidly.

 We will take you through the Full Primary Series, teaching you correct form and technique, while giving you an idea of the amazing effectiveness Astanga Yoga can achieve.

This 1 Month Immersion is designed to offer you the opportunity to practice Astanga Yoga regularly each week, with freedom to choose how much you do at a discounted price, while taking you safely & effectively through the Astanga Yoga Primary Series.

What is included in the 1 Month Immersion?


  • Introductory  2 hour Workshop

Friday Evening 6pm or Sunday  10:30am at Start of the Month. This is to ensure that everyone attending starts off with a good foundational knowledge of Astanga Yoga. Handouts will be provided to assist you in your practice, along with expert guidance in each session.

  • Technique Classes. 6pm every Monday  

These 4 sessions will familiarise you with the Primary Series, while ensuring you are offered enough modifications that you can work to a level that suits you, and track your progress as you notice how the regular practice of this amazing style of Yoga provides quick results

  • Self-Practice Classes

Every Wednesday Morning 7:30-9am & every Saturday 8:30-10am throughout the month

These classes are partially led & partial Self-Practice with assistance, so you can get the 1-2-1  attention you need, where you need it, while working at your own pace through the material covered in the Introductory Workshop and the weekly Technique Classes. This is based on the traditional way of learning Astanga Yoga

  • Finishing with Full Led Primary Series Astanga Class

To be held on the last Friday Evening of the month

which will include Pranayama, Relaxation & Snacks as a reward for all the effort you put in!

The total Value of attending all of these sessions would be £160,

but this discounted package will cost you £65 to encourage you to attend as often as you like throughout the month, without having to worry about paying extra.

If you don’t want to commit to the discounted month package, you can drop in at any of the classes at the price of £10 per class, 

But you must have attended the Introductory Workshop as a requirement, which costs £20

Limited Spaces available,

 So booking & paying in advance is essential. 

Contact Nathan for more information.

07717 028429 /